Cloud-Based Data Capture & Management Platform

The CentrePoint software platform combines powerful, customized analytics with the flexibility of cloud and mobile technologies to deliver high quality physical activity and sleep metrics and real-time visibility of subjects, research sites, and overall study progress.

Key Benefits

The CentrePoint technology ecosystem solves many of the practical and logistical challenges of objective activity and sleep monitoring within complex clinical trial environments and large scale, multi-site health research studies.

Simple Setup & Deployment

Our web-based platform lets you get new sites up and running with ease. With automated activity monitor assignments, downloads, and data scoring, CentrePoint requires minimal personnel training and IT resources.

Standardized, Error-Free Data

Customized study preconfiguration prevents setup errors that can result in missing or incomplete data. All site data are standardized, time-synchronized, and stored securely in the cloud, and a detailed audit trail provides a permanent record of all system interactions.

Real-Time Visibility of Subjects & Sites

Instant visibility of subject outcomes, site metrics, and overall study progress helps study coordinators and investigators quickly identify and address potential issues to keep the trial running on time and on budget.

At-Home Compliance Monitoring

Home-based data uploads via PC, mobile device, or CentrePoint Data Hub allow investigators to monitor subject compliance and behavior between site visits.

Two-Way Subject Communication

Push notifications and reminders, sent to subjects directly through the CentrePoint console, can encourage wear compliance and keep subjects engaged in their care.

Customized Reporting

Create and export custom CSV reports containing different configurations of site and/or patient data for archiving and analysis outside of CentrePoint.

Subject Measures & Output

CentrePoint delivers a variety of customizable physical activity and sleep measures derived from independently developed and validated algorithms and high resolution accelerometer data captured by ActiGraph activity monitors.

Daily Activity

Daily activity profile, including steps taken, kcals, and activity counts

Wear Compliance

Amount and percentage of time the subject wore the activity monitor

Activity Intensity

Time spent within different categories of activity intensity (sedentary, MVPA, etc.)

Sleep Score

Including total sleep time, wake after sleep onset (WASO), and sleep efficiency

Activity Bouts

Custom defined bouts of sustained physical activity

Raw Data

High resolution raw accelerometer data for advanced and 3rd party analysis*

*ActiLife software required

Interested in the CentrePoint solution platform?

The CentrePoint software platform is customized for each study and is priced on a per patient, per term basis. Please contact the ActiGraph Sales team for more information.

Technology Suite

Access to real-time, high quality subject data drives efficiency in a clinical trial or research study. We’ve developed a suite of easy-to-use tools that can be used to seamlessly upload activity monitor data to the CentrePoint system between site visits.

CentrePoint Sync

A companion mobile application for iOS and Android lets patients upload activity monitor summary data to the CentrePoint system using a mobile device. CentrePoint mobile can be configured to display activity monitor feedback, such as daily steps, calories burned, and sleep efficiency, or this feature can be completely disabled.

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System Requirements:
- wGT3X-BT (serial number MOS or higher)
- iPhone 4S and up, iPad 3 and up, iPad Mini
- Android 4.3 and up

CentrePoint Data Hub

The CentrePoint Data Hub is a communication gateway that securely transmits collected activity monitor data from the subject’s own home to the CentrePoint cloud via 3G cellular network or wired Internet connection for remote wear compliance and behavioral monitoring. The CentrePoint Data Hub can also be used an activity monitor charging station for extended periods of data collection.

CentrePoint API

Direct REST API access is available for all CentrePoint endpoints including raw (minute-by-minute) data (captured from devices via mobile uploads or direct connect) as well as post-processed outcomes for each subject. These data outcomes are also available at the study-level as summary averages and totals. In addition, subject profiles can be created, modified and queried via the API with some limitations.

CentrePoint Data Security

The CentrePoint system leverages existing cloud-based technologies to provide a robust, scalable solution that implements industry best practices. CentrePoint utilizes Microsoft Azure's cloud computing platform for hosting sites/services, data processing, subject/study management, and blob storage for raw minute epoch data files. For storage of parsed minute epoch data and analytics, CentrePoint leverages the AWS Relational Database Service (RDS).

ActiGraph Link SDK

Direct ActiGraph Link SDK access is also available for mobile developers including a comprehensive toolset for creating native mobile applications on the Android and iOS platforms that interact directly with ActiGraph GT9X Link activity monitors.

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