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Habitual Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour in a Clinical Sample of Obese Children

  • Published on 10/30/2006

Objective To objectively measure habitual physical activity and sedentary behaviour in a clinical sample of obese children and to compare with age- and sex-matched non-obese controls. DESIGN: Pairwise comparison of obese children matched for age and gender with non-obese controls. Subjects A total of 116 obese children (body mass index (BMI)> ...

Energy Metabolism in Bardet—Biedl Syndrome

  • Published on 11/2007

Introduction Obesity is a consistent presenting feature of the Bardet-Biedl syndrome (BBS), a hereditary disorder caused by a single gene defect. This contrasts sharply with general obesity which, despite a strong hereditary component, has a multifactorial aetiology. For BBS, the phenotypic characterisation of the components of energy balance and the ...

Differences in Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Physical Activity and Obesity Among Caucasians and Non Caucasians in Norway

  • Published on 05/01/2002

Purpose To evaluate the differences between Caucasians and non-Caucasians with regard to cardiorespiratory fitness, physical activity and obesity measures. Methods Four hundred and ten 9-year old children and 347 15-year old youths participated in a cross-sectional study as a part of the European Youth Heart Study. The non-Caucasians constituted 17% of the ...

Utility of Accelerometers to Measure Physical Activity in Children Attending an Obesity Treatment Intervention

  • Added on October 3, 2010

Objectives To investigate the use of accelerometers to monitor change in physical activity in a childhood obesity treatment intervention. Methods 28 children aged 7–13 taking part in “Families for Health” were asked to wear an accelerometer (Actigraph) for 7-days, and complete an accompanying activity diary, at baseline, 3-months and 9-months. Interviews with 12 ...

Weekday and Weekend Physical Activity Patterns in Overweight Thai Adolescents

  • Added on August 12, 2010

Introduction No previous studies about the Thai adolescent’s physical activity patterns using accelerometers have been published, aiming at planning and implementing effective health intervention programs for weight management in Thailand. Objectives To describe differences in physical activity patterns, measured by accelerometers across weekdays and weekend days, in overweight secondary-school ...