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Founded in 2004, ActiGraph is recognized as a pioneer in the field of motion-sensing wearable technology. Using intellectual property originally developed for the U.S. military, ActiGraph activity monitors were among the first commercially available tools capable of quantifying human movement in the free living environment. ActiGraph was widely adopted by members of the global academic research community, who performed extensive validation testing on our products. These academic researchers went on to develop a variety of algorithms that derive meaningful physical activity, mobility, and sleep related outcomes from collected acceleration data. Appearing in more than 17,000 peer-reviewed scientific publications, ActiGraph is the most widely used medical-grade device of its kind.

In recent years, ActiGraph has become a leading wearable technology partner within the pharmaceutical research industry. Our biosensor solutions have been deployed in hundreds of clinical drug trials, and we continue to pave the way for real world remote monitoring within this complex and highly regulated space. With clients in nearly 2,000 academic institutions, scientific organizations, and biopharma companies across more than 100 countries, ActiGraph has earned its reputation as the “gold standard” in objective activity measurement.

Core Values

Data-Obsessed and Science-Based

We obsess over data because data is the raw material for every new breakthrough idea and novel therapeutic. Data is not just what we deliver; it informs our decisions, which are based on scientific purpose.


We live our personal and professional lives with integrity. We seek to work with people of character. Clients trust us, and our team believes in us because we build trust through honesty and transparency.


We have uncompromising focus on, and enthusiasm for, what we do. We are responsible and accountable for everything we do and say.


We believe in developing new technologies to stay at the forefront of the digital biosensor data movement. Our innovation isn’t limited to our technology; we consider ActiGraph to be an ongoing work in progress, always striving to be better.


Above all, we’re a team and together we are stronger. We show up for each other and act with empathy and respect always. We bring our authentic selves to work every day.


ActiGraph’s broad international client base consists of prominent universities, hospitals and medical centers, scientific institutes, pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, sleep laboratories, wellness providers, and government agencies.

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